Rick Ross: SEO Hero and Hip Hop Sensation

Rick Ross: Hip-Hop Sensation and SEO Authority


This week, Miami, Florida-based rapper, Rick Ross, released his latest single “Green Gucci Suit”, which is an aptly-titled ode to colorful luxury dresswear, and a killer to competition over the keyword, “Green Gucci Suit”. This is not the first Rap track to completely dominate the SERPs for a given keyword. In fact, the arguement could be made that rappers are efficiently winning the Search Engine War with the greatest consistency.

Rapper do not subscribe to the traditional thoughts on creating supporting content and building reference to their work, as most so-called “Search Engine Optimization Experts” will recommend. They believe firmly in leaving their unique content on an island, but capitalize rather well on keyword usage within their content titles and a healthy repetition of the exact keyword in the chorus and bridge. This alternative approach performs surprisingly well with Google’s algorithms and frequently lands their content in the TOP 3 SERPs, with relatively little evidence to indicate any loss of position in the months or years to come.

Google Search Results for Term 'Green Gucci Suit'

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